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The Alliance Against Domestic Abuse is a Free and Confidential agency working to eliminate domestic violence and sexual assault. AADA offers 24-crisis intervention, safehousing, peer counseling, referrals, women and children support group, restraining order paperwork, court advocacy, youth program and education
The Chaffee County Self Sufficiency Programs provide financial and medical assistance to low-income families, adults and disabled persons, by using Federal and Colorado State Rules and Regulations and Agency Letters. Some of the services offered are as follows: Medicaid, Aid to the Needy Disabled (State AND), Colorado Works/TANF (Temporary Assistance for Needy Families), Food Assistance, Old Age Pension (OAP), CCCAP (Colorado Child Care Assistance Program). Please visit our website for more information regarding these food and cash assistance programs.
Everyone in the community plays a role in the prevention of child abuse and neglect. Colorado has one toll-free phone number to report child abuse and neglect 24/7, 365 days a year. Please call the Colorado Child Abuse and Neglect Hotline at 1-844-CO-4-KIDS (1-844-264-5437) to report concerns about a child’s safety and well-being. All calls are confidential and will be routed to the county where a child resides. If it is an emergency or you are witnessing a child in a life-threatening situation, call 911 immediately. If you have a concern regarding Adult Protection, please call (719)530-2500 during normal business hours. After normal business hours, please call police dispatch at (719)539-2596 and your call will be routed to an on-call case worker.
Chaffee County Child Support Services offers assistance to ensure children obtain financial and medical support from both parents. Our program provides: Establishment of Paternity/Support Orders, Enforcement of Support Orders, and Modification of Support Orders. Child Support Services are available to the general public. A $20.00 application fee is required to start a child support case. Please visit our website below for more information regarding this program.
Heart of the Rockies Regional Medical Center, Chaffee County Breastfeeding Coalition and Chaffee County Public Health are proud to partner with the Mothers’ Milk Bank to offer a local donation site. HRRMC is affiliated with Mothers’ Milk Bank and collects and stores raw frozen milk from local mothers, draws the mom’s blood for screening, and delivers the mom's milk to MMB. To be eligible as a milk donor, one must: * Be confident in her milk supply and produce milk in excess of her own baby’s needs * Be willing to donate a minimum total of 150 ounces throughout her time as a donor with us * Not have any medical condition that prohibits her from giving blood * Be in excellent health without any chronic illnesses or history of major medical issues or cancer, including leukemia * Have no history of hepatitis after age 11 or positive tuberculosis tests * Be a non-smoker and refrain from using tobacco or marijuana products of any kind * Have not received blood or blood products or organ or tissue transplants in the past 12 months * Have no history of intimate contact with anyone at risk for HIV/AIDS * Not be taking vitamin supplements that exceed 2000% Daily Value (DV) * Take only approved medications and herbal supplements/teas. Mothers’ Milk Tea, fenugreek and any lactation support product containing fenugreek or other herbs is NOT compatible with donating. * Not have any medical condition that prohibits her from giving blood (there are exceptions to this rule – please contact us if this applies to you). * Consume less than 24 ounces of caffeinated beverages a day (2-3 cups of coffee) * Wait 12 hours after drinking any alcoholic beverage to collect milk to donate * Be motivated to practice exceptional hygiene and carry out careful milk collection and storage methods * Be willing to undergo blood testing * Be less than 18 months postpartum when collecting the milk There are some exceptions to these guidelines. If you would like to discuss your eligibility with us or to become a donor, please contact the Mother's Milk Bank at 303.869.1888.
Provides supplemental foods, support and education for pregnant, post-partum, breast-feeding women and infants and children up to age 5. Must be a Chaffee County resident and meet income requirements.
719-539-7413 Sa, 395-0344 x 203
Family & Youth Initiatives (FYI) champions evidence-based prevention programs which promote healthy behaviors and prevent substance abuse and child maltreatment throughout Chaffee County. FYI offers adult to youth and peer mentoring programs, teen health and substance abuse education, parenting and family education, and voluntary services for families needing additional support or access to resources in Chaffee County.
719-530-2575, 719-395-0344
The Family Health Coordinator provides case management, education and support to children 0-21, and to pregnant women who are enrolled in Health First Colorado (Colorado's Medicaid Program), and CHP+. We also provide enrollment support for those who are eligible but not yet enrolled.
“A nurse in the home helping your family achieve a healthy start” Healthy Start is a service provided to all families in Chaffee County. Through this program we serve new families (birth through 12 months) regardless of income and number of children. We feel we have something to offer every family, regardless if it is their first or fifth child. The nurse home visitor meets with the family in their home on an average of 10 times (twice prenatally, within the first week of the infant’s life, 2 weeks, 6 weeks, 10-12 weeks, 4 months, 6 months, 9 months, and 1 year). We can schedule additional appointments with the family as needed. The services in this program include: breastfeeding education and support, what to expect in the early days, safe sleep, depression screening and referral, Bright Beginnings, normal newborn behavior, developmental milestones, car seat inspections, Cavity Free at 3, community resources, nutrition, exercise, birth control, immunizations, infant safety, tobacco cessation education and assistance and solid food introduction among many other topics. If you have a client who you believe would benefit from this program or if you would like to enroll yourself, please contact Cassondra at 530-2562 or
Nurse-Family Partnership is a free, voluntary program that partners first-time moms with a nurse home visitor.
La Leche League offers free monthly meetings. Led by accredited leaders, our meetings provide a supportive atmosphere to talk about the joys and challenges of breastfeeding and offer an opportunity to meet other families in your neighborhood. Leaders also provide free phone help in-between meetings.
719-207-5008, 719-588-1933
Home and Center based preschool, Early Head Start and Head Start programs. We serve pregnant moms and children from birth to 5 years old. Center based programs are Monday thru Thursday 8-3:30. Please come visit us and fill out an application at 516 Teller St, or call us at 719-539-1184.
The Salida Pregnancy & Family Center provides FREE: pregnancy tests; limited STD testing; limited ultrasounds; birth control information, peer counseling and mentorship; professional counseling; abortion education & recovery services; a full baby boutique with clothing, diapers, & toys; "Earn While You Learn", individualized education on parenting, relationships, healthy habits, pregnancy, etc. OPEN: Mondays 10am-3pm & Wed/Thurs 12-5pm
Mother to Mother Breastfeeding Support. Nursing your baby can be hard. We Know. We've done it, too. We're here to listen, encourage, nurture and get you the help you need. A Chaffee County Breastfeeding Coalition and Salida Pregnancy & Family Center collaboration.